Marketing study for a global FMCG company

Chin Wee Lee (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics) • Project Leader
Abishek Adavikolanu (BA Economics and Management)
Isabel Chalmers (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
Nav Nagra (DPhil Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Joss Tricks (BA History)
Carmen Wilson Ruiloba (M. Biochem)

Market entry study for cloud-based data analytics company

Bryan Yan (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics) • Project Leader
Lennard Alke (MPhil European Politics and Society)
Lukas Beckerhinn (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
Vanessa Chia (BA Jurisprudence [Law])
Sandoko Kosen (DPhil Condensed Matter Physics)
Rachel Lu (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

Strategy study for a leading European financial institution

Ser Jay Tan (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics) • Project Leader
Ee Hsiun Chong (BA Jurisprudence [Law])
Zachary Johnson (MSt Musicology)
Andrea Klaric (Master of Public Policy)
Abhijeet Oswal (BA Economics and Management) 
Gagan Khurana (BA Physics)

Market entry and product design study for edtech non-profit

Ashmita Randhawa (DPhil Education) • Project Leader
Eliza Chee (BA Jurisprudence [Law])
Bashar Hobbi (Master of Public Policy) 
Justin Jun Xiang Tan (BA Jurisprudence [Law])
Nikita Khandwala (BA Spanish and Linguistics)
Norbert Sobolak (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

M&A study for an African multinational industrial conglomerate

Neil Shabong (BA Economics and Management) • Project Leader
Tianqi Leng (DPhil Clinical Medicine)
Fani Ntavelou-Baum (BPhil Philosophy)
Ruhy Patel (EMBA)
Jed de Ruiter-Swain (M. Biochem)
Jacob Schiele (BA Economics and Management)
Robin Van Aeken (BA Economics and Management)

Strategy study for smart infrastructure firm

Kay Howe Lee (BA Jurisprudence [Law]) • Project Leader
Maxwell Adams (DPhil Engineering Science)
Parth Ahya (BA Philosophy and Theology)
Niles Breuer (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
Tan Jun (BA Economics and Management)
Paul Adrien-Morange (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics [Visiting])

Strategy study promoting entrepreneurship for an African government

Munirah Dasu Patel (BA Economics and Management) • Project Leader
Jefferson Chen (M. Chemistry)
Lukas Fieber (DPhil Materials)
Andrea Guariglia (BA Biomedical Sciences) 
Jizel Maddouri (BA Economics and Mathematics [Visiting])
Miklos Xavier Roberts-Gaal (BA Psychology and Philosophy) 
Suntiparp Somsak (BA History and Economics [Visiting])

Consumer and product study for a leading Asia-Pacific financial institution

Kresimir Krajnovic (BA Economics and Management) • Project Leader
Klaudia Chmielowska (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
Patrick Bunker (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

Internal team

Jacob Kalnins-Holtom (BA Economics and Management)
Ashleigh Stent (BA Law with Law Studies in Europe)