Our Mission: To create extraordinary value for our clients and our consultants.

We are Oxford University students who share a common goal of making an impact. For us, consulting is the business of value creation and we take our work very seriously, especially in a world where short-term gains are often pursued at the expense of long-term success.  By getting involved in real-life business projects, we create value for both our clients and our consultants.

Founded in 2012, OSG works not only with for-profit firms but also social enterprises and other non-profit organisations. We strongly believe that engaging in social-sector projects is immensely beneficial in developing the skills and the character of our consultants, and in strengthening the mission of OSG to create extraordinary value for our clients and society at large.

As well as creating extraordinary value for our clients, we are proud of the internal development we provide to our consultants. We provide in-house training to our consultants as well as bringing in external consultants for exclusive training sessions. Our internal team, spearheaded by our newest consultants gain valuable experience and add value to OSG through adding each term to OSG Thought, and go on to work on projects led by an experienced team leader. We nurture all our consultants at OSG, and our mantra of ‘once an OSGer always an OSGer’ means that our close knit community is valuable to all of us.