Why Join the Oxford Strategy Group?

OSG works on term-long projects in teams of 4 or 5 for innovative and traditional companies across sectors. In each project, we conduct research and analysis to answer a question, then present our recommendations to the client. We've worked with corporate giants like Unilever and DHL, startups like Uniprep, and non-profits like Shelter and the Eden Project. Every project is different, and clients might ask us to develop a marketing strategy for their expansion into Asia or analyse their current market and identify the key trends and where to take the business next. Either way, you'll be working on the biggest issues in business and the social sector, for clients which matter.

No matter your career path, OSG offers real-world experience and high-quality training to suit your needs. Our consultants receive training at every step of the process,  from planning to presentation. Working closely in a team of 4 or 5 will give you an excellent opportunity to learn to work effectively with others under pressure, while creating structured analyses of business problems will build your analytical thinking. There are also a number of formal roles that you can take within OSG such as project leader or director. When working on a project, everyone has their own expertise and will have the chance to take a lead in those areas. You will also be presenting your recommendations to both the client and also to the rest of OSG. 

OSG's training, combined with workshops from elite consulting firms, are designed to help our consultants. In fact, OSG alumni have gone on to tremendous success using those very skills:

OSG gives you a chance to create real change in the way a business operates or a non-profit fulfils its mission. What we do isn't just confined to the University, or even the town; as a consultant with us, you'll have a measurable impact on the world. We also like to say, "Once an OSG-er, always an OSG-er." That means that once you join our group of passionate, talented consultants, you'll always be able to rely on our community of learners and mentors, both at Oxford and around the world.

Our Consultants

What makes OSG great is its people; have a listen to what they've said about their experiences.