The first step in our application process is a CV screen, whereby our committee sits together to evaluate the merits and demerits of each CV on an individual basis. In doing so, we primarily look at the following:

1) Experience: We will be primarily reading your CV to gauge your strengths and abilities as reflected by your work and extracurricular experience. Your experience does not have to be directly relevant to strategy consulting, but we emphasise impact and engagement in whatever that you might have done, be it volunteer work, an internship or a school activity. We would thus be interested in discovering what you are passionate about and the difference that you have made in the past, which could form the bedrock of a successful career with OSG.

2) Presentation: We prize ourselves on our attention to detail, which has formed the premise of our successful client engagements and relationships. We thus expect this to be reflected in the CVs that prospective consultants send, which would be apparent through the absence of spelling, grammatical and formatting errors.

3) Succinctness: Our client presentations are inherently premised on delivering value effectively and efficiently. To this end, we would also look favourably upon aspiring consultants who are similarly succinct and impactful in what they seek to convey to the committee. A CV of one page would thus be perfect for our applications - anything more than a page would compromise on the brevity and conciseness of an otherwise sterling application. We fully understand that most of our applicants come from incredibly diverse and successful backgrounds, with a plethora of experience that might not necessarily fit into a tiny A4 page on Microsoft Word. Rest assured, however, that we will encourage you to speak about your prior experiences during our interview process!